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On With Life Receives Grant To Be Used Toward Room Remodel - November 23, 2015

On With Life’s Long-Term Skilled Care Program for Youth and Younger Adults plans to begin its first major room remodeling project since opening in 1996, thanks in part to a $3000 grant to remodel person served rooms from the Mills County Community Foundation.

 “The person served rooms need more space for clothing and personal items, along with additional storage for supplies,” said Dick Achenbach, administrator of On With Life’s Long-Term Skilled Care Program for Youth and Younger Adults in Glenwood, Iowa. “The new design will allow persons served more opportunity to personalize their rooms.”

The Mills County Community Foundation works with individuals, families, businesses and organizations to create permanent funds that address the changing, vital community needs and interests. The Mills County Community Foundation has distributed over $2.9 million in grants and scholarships over the last 15 years.

Both families and persons served are excited about the room remodel project, especially the ability to make each room unique and individualized.

“Persons served lack a way to customize their room to their unique interests,” said Jeni Durfey, recreation therapy coordinator. “For example, one of our persons served would love a better way to display pictures of her young son, memorabilia from high school and pictures showing her passion for ballet.”

A model room was completed last year to discover what works best in the space, and the response of the persons served, families and staff has been very positive.

“Families really like the way the model room was organized, as it gives more room for storage and personal items,” said Achenbach. “It also makes the room more cheerful and personalized.”

Nonprofit representatives receiving grant awards: 1st row from left to right: Jerad Getter, Mills County Conservation; Monica Bartlett, Nishna Productions, Inc.; Alexis Unger, Mills County YMCA; Beverly Dashner, Malvern Area Betterment Association; Kim Walker, Mills County Public Health; Jeni Durfey, On With Life; Rebecca Bassich, Malvern Public Library; Tracey Anderson, West Central Community Action; Gaylene Laate, Kid’s Place.  2nd Row, Brad Klindt and Jim Asselin, Malvern Park Board; Dwain Pelzer and Larry Frink, Malvern Volunteer Fire Department; Dick Achenbach and Jeni Lewis, On With Life; Keith Johnson, Oak Township Fire Department; Nathan Mass, Mills County Fair Association; Jon Schoening, Pacific Junction Fire & Rescue. Back row: Mills County Community Foundation Board Members Nancy McGrew (Secretary/Treasurer) and Barb Mass (Chair); Jeff DeYoung, Mills Masquers; Mills County Community Foundation Board Members Linda Young (Vice Chair) and Richard Maaske.