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An On With Life Nurse With a Unique Perspective - November 17, 2013


Elizabeth is pictured with David 

Chumbley and Ron Murdock after

their family panel discussion at the

2013 On With Life Conference.

Thanks to WHO-TV Channel 13 News and Megan Reuther for sharing the story of an amazing nurse who we are privileged to have as part of the On With Life family. We invite you to watch the below story about Elizabeth Johnson. Elizabeth is a part-time nurse at On With Life who also has a brother and dad who were served in the On With Life Post-Acute Inpatient program more than three years ago.

“She’s been through it," said Dave Anders, Therapy Manager at On With Life. "She’s been down the road and she has some insights that those of us who haven’t experienced a loved one or a brain injury, we just don’t have.” 

Thank you Elizabeth for being an inspiration to so many and for your dedication to helping others.

To read the full story click here.