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Funding for Waiver Services Threatened - Help Us Advocate! - May 14, 2014

A message from the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa and supported by On With Life:

Over the past six months advocates from across Iowa, and across the disability and medical landscape, educated and persuaded the Iowa House and Senate, as well as Republicans and Democrats to allocate $6 million for reducing the huge waiting list for Iowa Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver services.

Late yesterday, sources close to the Iowa Governors office shared that he is considering vetoing these $6 million!  This would be the second year in a row!  Apparently the legislature under-funded basic Medicaid for next year and this may be one of the reasons the Governor is looking for programs and funding to veto.

Please join other Iowans with brain injury, their families, friends, caregivers and professionals and CONTACT THE GOVERNORS OFFICE as soon as you are able.  You can send a note via the website below or via phone. 

As you may recall last year the Iowa Governor vetoed $8.7 million in funding that was allocated by the Iowa legislature to reduce the Medicaid Waiver waiting list.  Since that time are now more than 7000 people on waiting lists for waiver services, 900 of them on the brain injury waiver waiting list.  The wait time is now more than tow years.  These services are critical to keep Iowans with brain injury out of nursing homes, jails, prisons, homeless shelters and coffins.  They are also key for children with mental health conditions who are now waiting 2-3 years for treatments that allow them to live with their parents at home and that prevent these kids facing incarceration, unemployment, and homelessness as young adults.  

Please ask the Governor to support funding for the Medicaid Waiver Waiting Lists and if you have a personal reason, story or connection tell him why!  Please share this widely.

Governor Branstad
1007 East Grand Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Phone: 515.281.5211
Fax: 515.725.3527

Contact his health policy advisor as well:

Thank you,

Geoffrey Lauer
Executive Director
Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa