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Governor Makes Appointments to Advisory Council on Brain Injuries - July 7, 2014

Governor Terry Branstad recently announced his appointments to fill Iowa’s boards and commissions which were made effective at the beginning of the new fiscal year. Among his appointments was On With Life’s Jeni Durfey, Long-Term Skilled Care recreational therapist, who was named to the Advisory Council on Brain Injuries. 

Durfey will collaborate with other appointees to represent individuals with brain injury, their families, and all Iowans through advocacy, education, promoting and implementing injury prevention strategies, rehabilitation and research. Through these efforts, the council brings about awareness to others and serves as a source of hope and healing to survivors of brain injury.

“I am truly honored to be chosen for the Advisory Council,” said Jeni Durfey. “My entire career has been spent assisting those with brain injuries and other disabilities, and I have developed a passion to seek out other ways that I can serve those in need.” 

The Iowa Legislature established the Advisory Council on Brain Injuries in 1989. The council was created in response to the needs of Iowans with head injuries for a comprehensive service delivery system. Voting members of the council are appointed by the governor and serve two-year terms.

“Jeni is the first employee from our program to be recognized in this way and she couldn’t be more deserving,” said Dick Achenbach, administrator at On With Life, Ltd. “Staff, families of persons served and the community join me in expressing our sincere gratitude for her dedication and commitment to advocating for those living with brain injury.”

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