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Christina Kuecker

Biker Reclaims Seat After Accident

Admission: October 2011

Discharge: February 2012

Christina Kuecker has always been a planner. As an urban planner for the city of Clive, it was second nature for her to see the big picture and to expect the unexpected. On a brisk September morning however, Christina found herself in a position no one could have predicted or planned. 

Christina was riding her moped through Windsor Heights as she did every morning on her commute to work, when she was blindsided by another vehicle, leaving her in critical condition. 

"When we arrived at the hospital, doctors thought I wasn't going to make it," said Christina. "I wasn't ready to give up that easy though." When she arrived at On With Life in October of 2011, she was unable to walk, talk or sit on her own.

A little over two years after her discharge, Christina came skipping back to the halls where she had spent many days fighting to gain her independence back. 

"It's bittersweet to come back to visit," Christina stated. "I am where I am today because of the rehabilitation I

received at On With Life. It's fun for me to see the staff again who helped me during such a difficult time in my life."

And she's not done making progress either. Christina works on exercises with her personal trainer, volunteers at a local library and travels every opportunity she gets. Her future goals include earning her culinary arts degree and opening her own coffee shop, and she is already taking classes at DMACC to help her get there. 

"Ask anyone and they would tell you how much I loved school growing up," said Christina. "It means so much to me to get back into the classroom and continue to learn, just as I did before my accident." 

Christina realizes she probably won't ride a moped again, but simply being able to take her bike for a short ride or walk with her mom and dad will suffice. "We're thankful On With Life got our daughter back on her feet enjoying life again," said her father, Dan.