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Cindy and Tom Friedrichsen

Ten years ago Cindy Friedrichsen was looking for a job change so she could make a difference in the lives of others. Fortunately for our programs and persons served, she found On With Life. Cindy was hired as a corporate assistant, and over the years her position morphed to support many areas including event planning, communications, project management and fundraising. Today, she is On With Life's environmental planner.

"We see families in crisis, and our goal is to do anything we can to make their stay with us more therapeutic and more  home-like," Cindy said. "Through a remarkable group of volunteers, we work to ensure the environment meets the needs of those we serve and their families."

And by work, we mean work. Cindy designs, paints, installs carpet, repurposes furniture, remodels offices, builds gardens, creates parade floats and more. She often brings her husband, Tom, along for his expertise on projects, like building a fishing dock on the Ankeny campus and segments of the Owl's Nest on the Glenwood campus.

In addition to gifts of hard work and time, the Friedrichsens are also generous donors to On With Life. They have given many in-kind donations and regularly contribute financial donations. 

"Tom and I have always supported our community and organizations that help others," said Cindy. "And because we truly believe in On With Life's mission, we have named On With Life as a beneficiary in our estate plan."

Gifts come in many shapes and sizes, but Cindy says it best. "When you work with survivors of brain injury, you realize that every day is a gift." 

One thing is certain - Cindy and Tom are a gift to On With Life.