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Corliss McDonald

Before she retired, Corliss McDonald knew exactly what she wanted to do with her free time - volunteer at On With Life. She had heard about On With Life from her 31 years as a nurse at Iowa Lutheran Hospital, but she had never set foot inside the door. However, she knew it'd be a good fit. 

"My dad suffered from two strokes, and volunteering here felt like a good way to honor him," said Corliss. "Even though I'm not serving in a clinical role, I still feel like I'm using my expertise." 

Corliss has volunteered nearly 700 hours in the past four years. While she helps with the weekly chapel service and other special events, she really loves to talk and laugh with the persons served.

"If I can make someone laugh or smile, my day is made," said Corliss. 

She stops by the library and brings books along with her each week. While it may look like she's just reading to the persons served, Corliss uses the books to encourage the persons served to talk with her.

"Books help the conversation get started. I get to know about them, their family and their interests. I carry on many of the conversations week after week," said Corliss. "They get to know who I am and smile when they see me. That makes it all worth it."