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Cyn Ewald

In the late 1980s, Cyn Ewald was a leader of her daughter's Girl Scout troop and participated in a rock-a-thon event to benefit On With Life. The event was createdd by Becky Collins, a senior in high school at the time, in memory of a friend who was killed in a car accident and in honor of another friend who survived the same car accident. The rock-a-thon took place before the initial On With Life facility even existed. Little did Cyn know that On With Life would later become a more permanent part of her life. 

"It was rewarding to be a part of a good cause before the doors were even open, "Cyn said. "Later, after the building opened, the Girl Scouts would come help with various holidays and we all felt proud to be a part of an organization doing great things for people in need." 

Years later, Cyn's involvement with On With Life grew when she joined the accounting team in the summer of 2000. Today, Cyn has been a valuable On With Life employee for 18 years. In addition to giving her time and talents to the organization, Cyn and her husband, Steven, are generous supporters of the On With Life Foundation as well. 

"We see miracles every day at On With Life," said Cyn. "It takes a lot of time and dedication on part of the persons served and an enormous amount of nursing and therapy hours, one-on-one, to make those miracles happen." 

Both Cyn and Steven support this work because they know the donations provide the resources needed to make On With Life a one-of-a-kind organization. 

"We all should care," said Cyn. "Everybody out there has or will have a connection to someone who has had a brain injury."