Brain Injury Rehabilitation Specialists
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David Zielke

As CFO of The Iowa Clinic, David Zielke recognizes and appreciates the importance of small, independent healthcare organizations like On With Life. He joined the On With Life, Inc. Board of Directors in 2011, and On With Life has grown and expanded under his strategic planning expertise.

What drew you to the On With Life mission?
The organization draws you in, and you very quickly feel a part of it. This isn't just volunteering for a community organization - this is something different, unique and special that's led by the servant leadership of the staff. Their compassion and dedication to the individuals they serve are inspiring.

What inspires you to continue serving on the Board of Directors?
I enjoy special projects that make a difference. I like change and looking at how we can take an impossible challenge and making something good. This is a fascinating challenge for me, as we look at how we can best provide for the future. On With Life will thrive with its commitment to innovation, growth and change.

What are your goals for On With Life?
On With Life is uniquely situated across the country with its expertise in brain injury. People will travel wherever they are going to receive the best care, and that's On With Life. On With Life deserves a much grander reputation beyond Central Iowa, and we're poised to do it. I'm really excited about the future of On With Life.