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Disorders of Consciousness Program

The On With Life Disorders of Consciousness (DOC) program is a unique level of care that has been developed to address the needs of adolescents and adults with severe brain injury who present with low levels of consciousness. This program involves specialized physical interventions to address body positioning, muscle tone and medical stability. A specially trained multidisciplinary team provides environmental stimuli, monitors for signs of arousal/awareness, and adjusts the stimuli in order to maximize the survivor's improvement. On With Life has admitted more than 250 individuals into the DOC program and of those, 76% emerged from their DOC and approximately 60% of individuals return home at discharge. 

In July 2014, On With Life and its Disorders of Consciousness program were selected over 6,000 other contenders for the LeadingAge 2014 Innovation in Care and Services Award. This national award is given in recognition of a program that is a model of innovation and excellence which contributes significantly to the quality of life of the individuals served. Click here to learn more.

Success Stories

On With Life has served hundreds of individuals through our specialized rehabilitation program for individuals in disorders of consciousness.  Here are a few stories from individuals served in this unique program. For additional success stories from all of our programs, visit our Success Stories page. 

Danielle Brazant

Danielle could have given up after the doctors told her she would have permanent brain damage after a car accident. She prevailed and is now determined to give back to the community she's proud to be a part of. Read more.

John Will

John was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle in 2005 and admitted to On With Life in a minimally conscious state, unable to eat, walk or talk. After just three months at On With Life, he returned home to his five daughters, his job as an auto mechanic and riding his Harley. Read more.

Tyler Osmundson

Tyler Osmundson was a 19-year-old football player home on spring break when his car was hit by a garbage truck in 2013. After spending 11 weeks in a coma, he arrived at On With Life unable to eat, walk or talk. Now, nearly three years since his accident, Tyler is living in his own house and driving, and volunteering at On With Life. Read more.