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Dr. Bill Campbell

More than 20 years ago, Dr. Bill Campbell and On With Life's founding CEO, Dr. Marvin Tooman, began a partnership between the Glenwood Resource Center and On With Life. These two pioneers collaborated to create On With Life's Long-Term Skilled Care for Youth and Younger Adults program on the Glenwood Resources Center campus, a unique program for individuals living with brain injury. The program still resides there today, and it's a decision Dr. Campbell is still proud he made. 

"The fact that the missions of the Glenwood Resource Center and On With Life were focused on different disabilities didn't matter. We both strove to have our organizations focused on overall improvement and encouraging people to see they were instrumental in making a difference in others' lives," said Campbell. "It was a perfect match."

Campbell began his career in 1951 as a psychologist and served 35 years as superintendent of the Glenwood Resource Center. In addition to On With Life, Dr. Campbell brought many other nonprofit organizations on to the campus,  a move that helped both the campus and the Glenwood community thrive. After retiring, he joined the board of directors for On With Life, Ltd. and the On With Life Foundation. 

"On With Life has so much to offer; it encompasses some of the things I never got done in my lifetime," said Campbell. "I feel at home in that environment." 

His accomplishments are numerous - a state employee for 52 years, a colonel in the Army Reserve, a leader in national organizational efforts to improve the quality of services to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, a marathon runner and a RAGBRAI rider for decades - but none of those accolades matter to him.

"When you've done something meaningful, the look on their faces is worth all the work you ever did," said Campbell. "I've enjoyed every minute of it."

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