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Thank You for Helping Us Empower Hope
"Every person we serve - every family we help - is because of you. As we continue to grow now and into the future, know the heart of our organization remains strong. We are so grateful to you for your support of our mission. Thank you for being a partner, an advocate, and our friend." - Jean Shelton, CEO
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We Empower Hope at On With Life, and it is with your support that we are able to do so. Contributions directed to the Empower Hope Fund help to make possible a rehabilitation experience like no other, where passionate service, relentless advocating and life-enriching opportunities are emphasized. Your donations help enhance our programming, purchase specialized equipment, support families and so much more. Thank you for making a difference! 

Your Support Matters
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Empower Hope - Caleb
  • Empower Hope - Morgan
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    Empower Hope - Caleb
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    Empower Hope - Morgan
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    Empower Hope - Randy
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    Empower Hope - Willie
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