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Fundraising Begins for Long-Term Room Remodel - March 5, 2015

On With Life’s Long-Term Skilled Care Program for Youth and Younger Adults located in Glenwood, Iowa is hoping to embark on its first major room remodeling project since opening in 1996. While the rooms have had minor updates over the years, Administrator Dick Achenbach believes it is time for a much needed remodel.

“The rooms need more space for clothing and personal items, along with additional storage for supplies,” said Achenbach.

“A new design would also allow persons served more opportunity to personalize their rooms.”

In order to move forward with the project, On With Life will need to secure funding through donations and grants, a process that could take up to a year or more. As fundraising begins, the planning process has also begun. Both families and persons served are excited about the project, especially the ability to make each room unique and individualized.

“Heather and her roommate lack a way to customize their room to their unique interests,” said Jeni Durfey, recreation therapy coordinator. “Heather would love a better way to display pictures of her son Julian, memorabilia from high school and pictures showing her passion for ballet.”

The extensive room remodel would include installing wall-mounted cupboards to increase floor space; replacing bedroom furniture with attractive, safe, movable pieces to add storage and versatility; and remodeling bathrooms to increase storage and efficiency. 

A model room was completed last year to discover what works best in the space, and the response of the persons served, families and staff has been very positive.

“Families really like the way the model room was organized, as it gives more room for storage and personal items,” said Achenbach. “It also makes the room more cheerful and personalized.”

If funding is secured, the plan will include the remodel of every room and happen over the course of three years. It is estimated that each room remodel will cost approximately $10,000 and take about two months to complete.

To help this project become a reality, please contact the Foundation at 515-289-9611, or online at Please indicate that the donation is for the Long-Term room remodel.