Brain Injury Rehabilitation Specialists
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Healthy Aging Services

At On With Life, our focus is helping individuals age in a healthy and successful way so that they can remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible, and to age with grace and dignity.  At On With Life's Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation clinic, our unique neurological approach looks at the individual as a whole and addresses those key areas that are important to the patient and their caregivers, including:

ADL's and IADL's

  • Increasing independence with daily tasks (dressing, bathing, grooming/hygiene, etc) that could include adaptive equipment recommendations and training
  • Kitchen safety assessment/ Meal prep safety and modifications to increase independence
  • Home adaptations and modifications that allow for increased independence and remaining in home longer
  • Addressing low vision challenges 
  • Community re-integration as needed 


  • Fall risk assessment
  • Address balance and coordination needs.
  • Address and assess for adaptive equipment to increase safety and independence with mobility
  • Work simplification/energy conservation techniques
  • Strengthening programs with home program set up
  • Splint/AFO management and training


  • Assessment and training for adaptive equipment with ambulation
  • Seating and positioning assessment
  • Wheelchair management
  • Home adaptation recommendations to increase independence and safety within the home
  • Functional transfer independence and training


  • Address skills related to memory
  • Address skills related to attention/concentration
  • Safety and judgment skills
  • Problem solving skills