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For almost 30 years we have served thousands of individuals and their families, from across Iowa and the Midwest, through our continuum of services for individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumor, aneurysm or other neurological condition. 

We are the experts. 

Our staff are known in Iowa and throughout the Midwest as the experts in brain injury, stroke and neuro rehabilitation. Our person-served approach to rehabilitation combines our clinical expertise with the goals of the persons served and their families. Technology, like our aquatic therapy pool, Dynavision, 1.5-acre therapy grounds, Biodex Balance System, walking gait track system, and FES bike, enhance the therapy provided. Our expertise, combined with the environment and technology available to our team, has created a world-class program that is one of only a handful of non-hospital based inpatient brain injury rehabilitation programs in the world with a hospital-level CARF accreditation for intensive brain injury rehabilitation for children and adults. 

Watch our inspiring video to learn more about the unique culture at On With Life - a culture focused on those we serve and their families. We also invite you to stay connected through one of the following opportunities.

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