Brain Injury Rehabilitation Specialists
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Jim Carlson

Admission: February 26, 2013
Discharge: April 12, 2013

After Jim Carlson, 65, suffered a stroke while home alone in February 2013, it was hard for him to imagine his life ever being normal again.

"I was unable to use the left side of my body and I was told it'd be months, possibly years, before I'd be able to function like normal again," Jim says.

After spending three weeks in a hospital rehabilitation program, Jim was admitted to On With Life's Post-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation program.

"I was determined and knew that if I worked hard I could make it back to work if I wanted to," he said. "It was always a long-term goal of mine during therapy."

Jim was able to stand up and walk out of On With Life following six weeks of intense rehabilitation and with the help of the On With Life Outpatient clinic, he was able to continue to meet his goals.

"I was committed to getting back to work," says Jim. "I had worked for 42 years and it had become a part of my life. I needed the confidence to be able to work on large-scale operations projects, and my therapists at On With Life helped make that happen."

"I always tell people it could've been worse, but I can't change what happened and I'm going to continue doing the best I can," Jim says. "I thank my family, friends and the entire On With Life team for where I am today."