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John Will

A Remarkable Recovery

Admission: July 13, 2005
Discharge: October 14, 2005

Life has dealt John Will a number of challenges over the last ten years, but each time he refuses to give up. In 2005, John was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle and found himself fighting for his life. He was admitted to On With Life in a minimally conscious state, unable to eat, walk or talk.

"My family was unsure of how, or if, I would recover when I was transferred to On With Life," shares John. "It started slowly with me regaining small movements, which led to eating and walking with assistance."

John's motivation during his rehabilitation at On With Life was to be able to do the things he loved again - provide for his family, travel and return to motorcycle riding. 

"Riding motorcycles had always been a part of my life and I didn't want to give that up," said John. "So once I started walking again, I pushed myself even harder. When I jumped, I jumped big."

After three months at On With Life, John walked out on his own and returned home to his wife and five daughters, his job as an auto mechanic and still to this day spends his free time riding his Harley. Even as life dealt another blow to John, he continued to push himself to be a better person and give back.

"I lost my wife in 2014 after a three year battle with cancer," said John. "To honor her and so many people who helped me along my journey, I try to help others as often as I can." 

John is active within the brain injury community, including the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa and he attends the On With Life Support Group each month, arriving early to help set up and transport persons served from the Inpatient program to the meeting. 

"It's only because of On With Life, my family and the grace of God that I'm where I am today," said John. "I want to share my story and be able to give hope to other families." 


John with his five daughters: Ashley, Bailee, Heidi with daughter Alayna, Courtney and Emily