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Judith Oldham

Judith Oldham never intended to volunteer at On With Life. In fact, she had never heard of the organization when she moved to Glenwood two years ago. But when the local library suggested volunteering to read to the persons served at On With Life, she jumped at the opportunity.

"I'm very involved in the community - book clubs, Bible studies, volunteering at the museum - but this is now the place I feel most comfortable and I look the most forward to visiting each week," said Judith. 

Judith, who spent her career in social work, volunteers twice a week at On With Life's Long- Term program in Glenwood, reading books to the persons served. She started with a book by Shel Silverstein - thinking that the rhythmic cadence of poetry would help ease her into reading to others. Branching out, she then started reading books about great people of the world - Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart and Lucille Ball. 

"It's been so fun for me as I get to know the persons served, I can tell what kinds of literature speaks to them and sparks their interest," said Judith. "I read all kinds of wonderful stories with various interests. I love picking out books just for the individual or group I'm reading to." 

Judith knows this is something she's supposed to be doing. She says its part of her calling in life. 

"Just because I'm retired doesn't mean my mission to serve others is over. Volunteering at On With Life has given me the opportunity to continue my calling," said Judith. "I'm learning much from the persons served and gaining so much from this experience. It's so rewarding."