Brain Injury Rehabilitation Specialists
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People Making a Difference

Laura Martin

On With Life's Supported Community Living (SCL) program was created in 1998 to allow those who have experienced a brain injury or other neurological impairment to maintain and improve their independence. Staff at SCL work together with persons served, families and case managers to develop a plan focused on maximizing personal skills. Services are provided in Polk, Warren, Jasper, Story, Dallas, Marion and other Central Iowa counties. 

A major contributor to the program's success, Laura Martin, has enjoyed the uniqueness of the job in her 11 years as an SCL specialist. 

"I love the variety. I can wake up in the morning knowing that every day is different," said Laura. "Having the chance to share that feeling of accomplishment with the persons served, and see their appreciation, is one of the most rewarding parts of my career." 

Laura works closely with our persons served to help them find independence and build relationships in the community. A day might include relearning household chores, budgeting, cooking, and setting goals and appointments. SCL specialists work with persons served to attend community outings including I-Cubs games, the Annual Reunion, Adventureland, and the State Fair. 

When Laura is not working she enjoys spending time with her children, biking and scrapbooking.