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Laurie Wentink

Living Life to the Fullest

Admission: January 20, 1997

In August of 1996, Laurie was living in Omaha with her 8-month-old daughter and studying to be a travel agent when she suddenly stopped breathing. Lack of oxygen to her brain resulted in significant impairment to her ability to speak, move and care for herself. When her family began looking for a skilled program to meet her medical needs, they chose On With Life's program for youth and younger adults, located in Glenwood, Iowa.

"We knew right away this was the right place for Laurie. The activities, therapies and interactions with the staff and persons served are really good for her and she really enjoys them," said Stacy Brown, Laurie's sister. "The staff know what is important to Laurie and they go out of their way to make her happy."

When Laurie's niece, Lindsey, recently got married, On With Life staff painted her nails, fixed her hair, dressed her in a new dress and brought her to the reception where she danced with her family. 

"It was very important to Lindsey that her aunt was at her wedding," said Stacy. "We are so grateful that On With Life went to such great lengths to make sure she was there and that she enjoyed herself." 

Laurie's family visits often and spends holidays, birthdays and weekends at On With Life, but they know that Laurie has gained a new family too. 

"I can't be here all the time, but she has her own family here. On With Life truly is her family and our family," said Stacy. "She really loves it here, and it gives us peace of mind that Laurie is happy. We can go home happy because she is cared for so well here."