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Glenwood Campus Update - March 18, 2019

The safety of our persons served and staff is very important to us. There is flooding in the Glenwood, Iowa, area, where our long-term campus is located. On With Life continues to monitor flooding in the Glenwood area and will do so until the threat has cleared. At this time we will continue to shelter in place, as this remains the safest strategy for our persons served. There are sufficient evacuation routes out of the community in the event of a medical emergency. There are currently sufficient supplies, and our staff has made it safely to work. We have made overnight arrangements in the instance they require a place to stay. 

Glenwood Resource Center has chosen to evacuate certain areas of the campus, moving some individuals to their Woodward campus. They do not currently plan to evacuate higher acuity residents. We do not believe this will impact our facility. We will continue to post updates as the situation changes. As always, we will continue to ensure the care of our persons served and the safety of our staff. Our people – both those we serve and our staff – are our highest priorities.