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LSVT Program

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT┬«) is an effective treatment program for those living with Parkinson's Disease. On With Life began offering the LSVT BIG program in October, 2013 and LSVT LOUD in early 2014. 

"When I first started the LSVT program at On With Life, I thought I would never be able to walk again without help. Two months later I left my last session running with 50% assistance. I continue to make great gains at home and feel a sense of independence I never thought I'd get back. Everyone at On With Life was wonderful. I must credit, my physical therapist, Gail, for my speedy recovery. She was encouraging but tough and committed to help me get my life back. I would recommend this program to anyone." 

- Charlotte, Graduate of On With Life's LSVT Program

What is LSVT BIG? 


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LSVT BIG is an intensive therapy exercise program for people living with Parkinson's disease. The program focuses on strength, movement, balance, coordination and function with carry over to every day life activities. Each treatment focuses on the production of large amplitude (BIGGER) whole body movements. These treatments have been shown to provide the following benefits:

  • Improved walking (bigger steps, faster speed, decreased fall risk and improved balance)
  • Improved movement quality with bigger and more controlled movements to increase independence with dressing, self cares, cooking and mobility. 
  • Overall increase in quality of life

What is LSVT LOUD?

LSVT LOUD improves vocal loudness by stimulating the muscles of the voice box (larynx) and speech mechanism through a systematic of exercises. Focused on a single goal "speak LOUD!" - the treatment does not train people for shouting or yelling; rather, LSVT LOUD uses loudness training to bring the voice to an improved, healthy vocal loudness with no strain. The treatment not only simulates the motor system but also incorporates sensory awareness training to help individuals with PD recognize that their voice is too soft, convincing them that the louder voice is within normal limits, and making them comfortable with their new louder voice.These treatments have been shown to provide the following benefits:

  • Improved respiratory, laryngeal and articulatory function to maximize speech intelligibility. 
  • Improvement in the common problems of disordered articulation, diminished facial expression and impaired swallowing. 

How is the program delivered?

On With Life's LSVT BIG is directed by LSVT certified physical and occupational therapists. Both BIG and LOUD are intense exercise programs and require a commitment of 16, 60-minute sessions administered over four weeks. BIG and LOUD can be administered separately or if appropriate for the person served, can be administered within the same four weeks. 

Visit the LSVT website for more information on LSVT BIG and LOUD.

How do I learn more?

On With Life holds quarterly educational sessions regarding our LSVT Program. Join us to learn more about the program and to see if it might be right for you or your loved one. Contact us for more information on our next educational session.

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Learn about some of the great success persons served are having with the LSVT program.