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People Making a Difference

The below individuals represent just a small group of volunteers, board members, staff, organizations and donors that help make On With Life the unique and special program that it is. Enjoy reading about why they give back and the difference it makes for the persons served, families and staff at On With Life.

Dick Achenbach

Dick Achenbach has been working in healthcare since 1984 and says the passion and dedication shown to the persons served and families is what encourages him the most. Read more.

Kate Benson Larson

Kate Benson Larson has dedicated many hours to On With Life not only through her role on the On With Life, Inc. Board of Directors but also through her role in developing the therapeutic and sensory gardens on the Ankeny and Glenwood campuses. Read more.

Nancy Brightwell

A major contributor to the Long-Term Skilled for Youth and Younger Adults Program, Nancy Brightwell has enjoyed collaborating with co-workers for the past 16 years to provide the unique level of care that is vital to those we serve. Read more.

Janet Phipps Burkhead

Janet Phipps Burkhead is an attorney and a retired Brigadier General from the Iowa Army National Guard. Read why she decided to become a board member and what it means to her to serve on the On With Life Board of Directors.Read more.

Dr. Bill Campbell

Dr. Campbell collaborated with On With Life's founding CEO to form On With LIfe's Long-Term Skilled Care for Youth and Younger Adults program on the Glenwood Resource Center campus. Read more.

Dr. Thomas Carlstrom

Dr. Carlstrom, a retired neurosurgeon, played an integral role in the founding of On With Life and served on both its operational and foundation boards for more than 25 years. Read more.

EMC Insurance

In On With Life's infancy, EMC offered a large contribution to help establish programs and services for survivors of brain injury. That commitment to On With Life's mission continues 25 years later. Read more.

Cindy and Tom Friedrichsen

Cindy's role as environmental planner ensures the environment at On With Life meets the needs of those we serve and their families. But she and her husband, Tom, have given so much more. Read more.

Judy Hilt

Judy has been a part of the On With Life family since the beginning, serving as On With Life's first Director of Nursing. She has continued to serve On With Life for more than 21 years and has been instrumental in developing a trusted reputation and name for On With Life. Read more.

Iowa Western Community College Spirit Squads

What started as a summer service learning project for the Iowa Western Community College (IWCC) Spirit Squads has turned into an annual event, one that coach Jeff Snow and his team look forward to each year. Read more. 

Karl Chevrolet

Carl Moyer, owner of Karl Chevrolet in Ankeny, had a technician who was served at On With Life in the 1990s. The excellent care he received inspired Carl to donate each year to On With Life. Read more. 

Don and Charlene Lamberti

When the city of Ankeny offered to issue $4 million in municipal bonds to build On With Life, it was Don and Charlene Lamberti who agreed to personally guarantee that the required matching funds would be raised. They continue to support On With Life and have created a family legacy of support for the community.Read more.

Laura Martin

Laura Martin enjoys the uniqueness of her job as an Supported Community Living Specialist at On With Life. She shares why she loves her job and how she helps individuals find independence and build relationships in the community. Read more.

Corliss McDonald

Before she even retired, Corliss knew she wanted to spend her free time volunteering at On With Life to honor her father, who suffered from two strokes. She uses her expertise as a nurse to talk and laugh with the persons served each week. Read more. 

Prairie Meadows

Prairie Meadows has donated more than $530 million to non-profit organizations in central Iowa, including the lead gift to On With Life's Life Forward campaign for a permanent outpatient facility. Read more.

Stephanie Robinson

Stephanie Robinson, RN, has seen first-hand the important work of the nursing staff as a nurse at On With Life's Post-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation program. Read more.

Reverend Jerry Sawyer

After 61 years in the ministry, Reverend Sawyer continues his mission of helping others through his role as Chaplain at On With Life's Ankeny campus. Read more.

SCI CAN Foundation

The SCI CAN Foundation, founded in 2012 by the Norton family, has donated more than $275,000 to rehabilitation and research programs around the  Midwest, including On With Life. Read more.

Norman and Marilyn Stine

Norman Stine spent five months at On With Life after his semi was hit by a train. The Stines' gratefulness of the On With Life programs inspired them to make a donation to the On With Life capital campaign. Read more.

Kam Stupka

Kam Stupka's son suffered a traumatic brain injury in a severe car accident. Several years after the accident, Kam wanted to give back and joined the On With Life, Inc. Board of Directors. Read more.

Vilia Tarvydas

Vilia Tarvydas spent 40 years as a rehabilitation counselor, psychologist and professor of rehabilitation and mental health counseling. Her strong background give her a unique provider and advocate perspective on the On With Life, Inc. Board of Directors. Read more.

The Meinders Foundation

The first impression of On With Life inspired The Meinders Foundation to donate to On With Life's new therapeutic grounds project. Read more. 

Therapy Grounds Partnership

A unique partnership with Iowa State University and a group of master gardeners and volunteers will result in beautiful outdoor therapeutic grounds at On With Life. Read more.

Waukee Apex Program

Local high school students are gaining hands-on real world experience while directly impacting the persons served, families and staff at On With Life. Read more.

Eli and Marilyn Wirtz

Eli and Marilyn were two instrumental players in making On With Life a reality and continue to serve and support On With Life today. Read more.

Mary & Greg Woolever

Shortly after On With Life opened, the Woolevers began volunteering in prayer services. Twenty-five years later, they continue to show up with a different group of high school students each month. Read more.