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Normicka "Micka" Mozee

Fighting for Recovery

Admission: October 2009
Discharge: March 2010

Micka Mozee, a 25-year-old single mother of two from Des Moines, was spending time with a few of her friends at her home around 10 p.m. on an October night almost five years ago, when she heard multiple gun shots tear through her front screen door and directly into the  living room. Micka was struck in the head, chest and arm.

With outcomes looking less than favorable, and a mere 1% chance to live, it would have been a challenge of a lifetime for anyone to overcome. Micka battled through three months of being in a minimally conscious state followed by intense rehabilitation to get her life back. 

Micka's tenacity and determination propelled her through months of specialized therapy at On With Life, allowing her to  eventually walk and eat again. 

"I thank God every day for getting me to this point," wrote Micka on her communication device."I wouldn't wish something like this upon an enemy. All I know is God must've had unfinished plans for me."

Micka has recently started receiving outpatient therapy at On With Life and works with her therapists on her mobility and communication strategies (she is currently nonverbal). Micka, however, is determined to be able to speak again. She is also working towards gaining back her independence with hopes to become a volunteer for the Inpatient program, where she can lend a helping hand to other survivors.

In addition, Micka sets a number of goals for herself outside of therapy sessions. She is taking online courses through DMACC, writes poetry and loves cooking for her two daughters, now nine and six years old. 

"When my accident happened  and I was left in a coma for three months, I never pictured myself being able to walk into a classroom again, or even cook on my own for my little girls," Micka wrote. "I can't say enough how thankful I am to be able to do those things again." 

"I'm here to make a difference," wrote Micka. "And it's all because of my family and friends at On With Life who supported me when I needed it most."