Introducing On[e] With Life Week!

On[e] With Life Week will be a yearly, week-long event that celebrates On With Life, its team members, families, supporters and the communities we serve. While we each serve a different role, we are “ONE” organization serving “ONE” mission. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and share about all of On With Life’s programs and the role everyone plays in helping On With Life achieve its mission.

We recognize that there has been a lot of growth in our organization over the last few years – addition of programs, campuses, buildings – and that we’ve gotten through with support from each other and our community. This is our opportunity to celebrate all that On With Life is and does, recognize the amazing impact it has on others and thank the entire On With Life community for their ongoing support and dedication to our mission.

This year, On[e] With Life Week will be held August 5-12, starting on the day of the annual reunion and ending on On With Life’s birthday.

This year’s event will focus on three areas: give, serve and love. There will be many ways you can get involved in this week-long celebration. We’ve included them below, and we’ll continue sending more information about each opportunity.

GIVE: This year’s give component will go towards the families, and we’re doing that through support of revamping the family house. Make a donation here to support On With Life’s Family House Fund! The goal is $5,000 to be put towards updating and revamping the family house!

SERVE: We’re grateful for the ways so many have served On With Life. Let’s give back to the persons served and families! We’re excited to welcome families back to the family house on our Ankeny campus. If you’re interested in helping with this project, whether putting together welcome baskets for our families, making food, or volunteering at the family house, let us know here.

LOVE: Show your love for On With Life! Update your social media profile picture to include the special On[e] With Life Week frame that will be sent the week of the event! In the meantime, share why you love On With Life using this the form found here.

Thank you for helping us celebrate you and the entire On With Life community. We hope you’ll celebrate with us this year!