On With Life Introduces Return to Drive

On With Life is excited to announce a new program offering through our outpatient clinics in both Ankeny and Coralville – Return to Drive!

This program is a result of our commitment to helping our persons served regain as much independence as possible after a brain injury, stroke or other neurological condition. We know that driving independently is a big factor in quality of life, which is why our team of experts is ready to provide real, on the road evaluations and training in a specially outfitted driver rehabilitation car.

Our new driver rehabilitation program plan includes an initial clinic assessment and driving evaluation with a driver rehabilitation specialist to assess an individual’s current skills and address any deficits that may require further training or adaptive equipment. Vision, cognition, and motor skills will also be evaluated to determine potential to drive and whether adaptive equipment could make driving safer and easier.

Want to learn more about this new offering? Find all details, including eligibility requirements, cost, referral information and more at onwithilfe.org/drive