On With Life Long-Term Program Update

Since 1996, On With Life has operated a Long-Term Skilled Care program in Glenwood, Iowa, which serves as home for 32 individuals who have experienced an acquired brain injury and require long-term services related to the complexity of their life-long care needs.

On With Life’s Long-Term program is much different than many other Long-Term facilities in Iowa and even the nation. When the program first opened in the 1990’s it was geared toward youth and younger adults who needed long-term care following an injury. Over the years the needs of the program and demographics served have changed (current age range of those served is between 23 and 69), but one thing has remained unchanged: the program’s focus on the individual needs and goals of persons served.

Since opening, the Long-Term program has been located within a building on the State of Iowa run Glenwood Resource Center (GRC) campus. In early 2022, On With Life was made aware of the State of Iowa’s plans to permanently close the GRC campus by the summer of 2024. This meant the future of On With Life’s Long-Term program was suddenly unknown.

“When the State announced GRC’s closure in April, we immediately pulled a work group together to begin reviewing all options for our program,” shared Jean Shelton, CEO at On With Life. “Our board was committed to maintaining this service as part of the On With Life continuum but the location of
where this program could relocate was unknown.”

Over the next few months, On With Life explored all possible options to determine the appropriate future location for the Long-Term program. In October 2022, On With Life made the decision to relocate the program to a recently closed nursing facility in Polk City, Iowa.

“The decision to relocate our Long-Term program to Polk City was not made lightly,” shared Jean. “There were many factors and considerations that we had to take into account including the impact it would have on everyone involved, and of course the lives and needs of those we serve.”

On With Life received approval from the State of Iowa Certificate of Need Facilities Council to relocate the Long-Term program from Glenwood to Polk City. On With Life was approved to relocate all 32 skilled licensed beds and add an additional eight for a total of 40 licensed beds at the new location. The facility in Polk City will undergo an extensive remodel in 2023 with a goal to be completed in early 2024.