We Need Your Support!

In addition to the COVID battle we continue to fight every day, we have been keeping an eye on a proposed Medicare rule set to go into effect on January 1 that will impact On With Life's ability to provide services. The federal government is moving to finalize changes to the Medicare payment fee schedule that would cut outpatient therapy and some skilled nursing provider reimbursement rates by up to 10%! This type of cut to our Outpatient program and other services, especially given the pandemic, would be devastating. And while this only initially affects Medicare payments, these rate changes will likely be followed by other payers.

Here’s where you come in! As brain injury advocates and supporters of On With Life, we invite you to review the below letter from the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) and the On With Life Action Alert Information, to learn more about this issue and advocate on behalf of On With Life and those we serve.

  • This BIAA letter was submitted to the House and Senate leadership in Washington on December 14, 2020 advocating for a bill (HR 8702/S. 5007) that would essentially freeze payments at 2020 rates for services scheduled to be cut in 2021 for a period of two years. While this isn’t a long-term solution, it provides more time for a permanent solution. On With Life and many other providers and associations are advocating for this solution.
  • The below Action Alert Information will be helpful to you in researching this issue and in contacting our U.S. Senators and Representatives from Iowa. It would be very helpful if you (and anyone you know that could be impacted by this change) would be willing to email/contact our State Senators and local Representatives to make sure they are aware of the impact this could have on providers like On With Life. 

How do I learn more about this?

  • Check out these three articles from large therapy associations about the negative impact of the proposed cuts and/or proposed legislation to fix this issue
  • Click here for an American Health Care Association related article to avert cuts
  • Click here for an American Medical Association letter to freeze cuts

Who should I reach out to?

Thank you for contacting your Senators and Representatives and for sharing this issue with others. We promise, it does make a difference!