You first. We insist.

On With Life has a history of placing people first. It is at the core of our mission and a key value we live every day. It is important to me that our persons served and our employees know we support inclusiveness, fairness and justice for persons of color. Because we have the privilege of breathing, we must voice our opposition to systemic racism, with every single breath we take. Today, I ask our staff and the entire On With Life family to join me as we strive to be better with the following promise:

  • It is our duty as an organization who sees each person as an individual and believes in ALL abilities, to take a stand.
  • I am personally committed to making sure On With Life is dedicated to equality for all. Not because we have to, but because it is right.
  • I ask that you always be on the lookout for racism of any kind – whether it is obvious or simply a passing comment.
  • I am always here to listen and talk if you have any concerns about what you are feeling, hearing or seeing.
  • Each of us should always strive to be better. I promise, we as an organization, will continue to do so.

Jean Shelton