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Success Stories


Chase Aeschliman

Life turned upside down in an instant for the Aeschliman family. At the age of 11, Chase Aeschliman suffered a stroke and set into motion a series of events that left the family of five reeling. Read more. 


Bill Whitten

After a car accident, Bill's only external injury was a scrape on his shin. However, he also suffered a traumatic brain injury and quit breathing several times, requiring the ambulance crew to re-inflate his lungs. Despite the accident ending his career as a truck driver, Bill says now he sees there was a purpose. Read more. 


Julie Morris

Just 10 days after the birth of her third daughter, Julie suffered a stroke. Further testing revealed three brain bleeds, and the doctors were unsure if she would regain full use of her left side. Read more. 


Lizz Cassler

Lizz was getting a ride home from school on an icy day when the car she was in smashed into a truck pushing a plow. Lizz was seriously injured, and doctors were unsure whether she would live. But she was determined to thrive. Read more.


Teagan Rouse

Teagan and Carrie Rouse were newlyweds and busy planning their life together when their world was turned upside down. In 2011, Teagan fell more than 60 feet in a work-related accident and sustained massive injuries. Read how the Rouses slowly began rebuilding their life with the help of On With Life. Read more.



Michelle Lara

Michelle Lara's life changed in 2009 when she was a non-helmeted passenger on a motorcycle that was rear-ended by a car. She was left with left-side paralysis and made it unlikely she would ever work again. Read how she has continued her passions in new ways. Read more.


Ellen Laine

Finding her purpose in life didn't come easily for Ellen. It wasn't until she narrowly survived a massive stroke at age 33 that she found what she is really called to do. Read more.


John Will

John was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle in 2005 and admitted to On With Life in a minimally conscious state, unable to eat, walk or talk. After just three months at On With Life, he returned home to his five daughters, his job as an auto mechanic and riding his Harley. Read more.


Danielle Brazant

Danielle could have given up after the doctors told her she would have permanent brain damage after a car accident. She prevailed and is now determined to give back to the community she's proud to be a part of. Read more.


Genevieve Thomas

In 2014, Genevieve was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, and the doctors said she had a 30% chance of survival. She beat the odds and shares her inspiring story. Read more. 


Emma Kiefer

Every high school senior looks forward to going to prom, preparing for college and gaining independence. But in Emma's case, these important events seemed not only unlikely, but impossible, when her car was struck by a drunk driver in 2013. Read her story and how On With Life helped Emma move forward. Read more.


Luis Marin Barron

Life was good for Luis Marin Barron - a new job and great family and friends. Then, he was involved in a serious head-on collision. He suffered massive injuries to his body, brain and internal organs. Read why Luis says his life now is even better than before his accident. Read more.



Dr. Tom Iverson

Dr. Tom Iverson fell off of his roof of their Pella home back in 1999. His remarkable recovery allowed him to return to his role as Provost at Central College and serve as an On With Life board member for 10 years, the first person served to ever sit on the board. Read his story and the new life he and his wife are enjoying. Read more.


Eugene Chen

Eugene was a Ph.D student at the University of Iowa when his car was hit by a truck. Now he has a family of his own. Read his story on how On With Life cared for him - and his family - during his four-month stay at On With Life. Read more.


Christina Kuecker

Christina was riding her moped to work when she was blindsided by another vehicle. She arrived at On With Life unable to walk, talk or sit on her own. But that didn't stop her from fighting to gain back her independence. Read more.


Normicka "Micka" Mozee

Micka, a 25-year-old single mother of two, was home when she was struck in the head, chest and arm by multiple gun shots through her front screen door. She was given a mere 1% chance to live. Read how Micka battled back from a minimally conscious state to taking online courses, writing poetry and cooking for her daughters. Read more.


Tom Sandmeier

After Tom suffered a large hemorrhagic stroke, doctors were unable to predict how much functioning would return, but did anticipate there would be improvement. Tom and his wife, Paula, celebrated all of Tom's improvements, especially the ability to walk out of On With Life and taking care of his grandchildren. Read more.


Eileen Doyle

When Eileen suffered an aneurysm in 1989, her parents were told that she wouldn't live. She has become an important part of the On With Life family, as the fifth person admitted to On With Life's post-acute inpatient rehabilitation program, first person served in the Supported Community Living program and first to move in to the Apartments of Owl Creek. Read more.


Norman Stine

Norman's semi was torn into two pieces by a train in 2013. When he arrived at On With Life, he was unable to even sit in a chair. After five months at On With Life, he was able to walk out the front door. Read more.


Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth was celebrating her 25th birthday when she received a call that her family had been involved in a bad car accident. Her mom and grandma died from their injuries, and her dad and brother both suffered traumatic brain injuries. Elizabeth navigated her way through the healthcare system, became a caregiver and found her own calling as a nurse. Read more.


Jim Carlson

After suffering a stroke, Jim was uncertain if his life would ever be normal again. With the help of rehabilitation, Jim was able to meet many of his goals, including going back to work. Read more.


Tyler Osmundson

Tyler Osmundson was a 19-year-old football player home on spring break when his car was hit by a garbage truck in 2013. After spending 11 weeks in a coma, he arrived at On With Life unable to eat, walk or talk. Now, nearly three years since his accident, Tyler is living in his own house and driving, and volunteering at On With Life with his dog, Chance. Read more.


Michelle Lara

Michelle Lara's life changed in 2009 when she was a non-helmeted passenger on a motorcycle that was rear-ended by a car. She suffered a skull fracture and required an emergency craniotomy to remove her right temporal lobe, which left her with left-side paralysis and made it unlikely she would ever work again. Read how she has continued her passions in new ways. Read more.