Who We Serve
A Person. Not a Diagnosis
Certain brain injuries, including those that result in a coma/disorders of consciousness state, require much more time to treat, but that doesn't mean that hope should fade. Long-term skilled care is the best option for persons with brain injury who are medically stable, but require intensive nursing, therapy and medical supports that may not be available in other settings.

The persons we serve in our program include those that:

  • Have experienced a brain injury or other catastrophic injury or disease
  • Require skilled nursing services
  • Breathe independently, without medical assistance
  • Are medically stable and do not require daily doctor visits or ongoing hospitalization
  • Do not demonstrate a severe behavioral or personality disorder that pose a threat to self or others, or requires intensive psychiatric intervention
  • Have a means of payment for service
  • Refer or call 712-525-1294 for more information

Long-Term Program Testimonial- Laurie
"We knew right away this was the right place for Laurie. The activities, therapies and interactions with the staff and persons served are really good for her and she really enjoys them. The staff know what is important to Laurie and they go out of their way to make her happy.

I can't be here all the time, but she has her own family here. On With Life truly is her family and our family," said Stacy. "She really loves it here, and it gives us peace of mind that Laurie is happy. We can go home happy because she is cared for so well here." 

- Stacy Brown, Laurie's sister