Comprehensive Assessments
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Comprehensive Care

Follow-up evaluations and comprehensive assessments after a brain injury or neurological condition are important to maintain the outcomes achieved during the initial rehabilitation process. These comprehensive brain injury re-evaluations at On With Life will assess, treat and provide both short- and long-term strategies that will allow individuals living with a brain injury to maximize their health, reduce complications and manage long-term healthcare costs.

The importance of comprehensive assessments

On With Life understands brain injury to be a chronic condition and without proper management, one that can have long-term, deteriorating effects on overall health and wellness. In understanding the potential long-term effects of brain injury, it is important to emphasize that there is no such thing as a “typical” brain injury, a “typical” recovery, or a “typical” long-term effect that brain injury can have. Any number of functions that are controlled by the brain may be impacted by the injury and each individual will experience different deficits and different severity levels within each realm of ability.

While each situation is unique, we know through experience that the type of long-term effects individuals may see include:

  • Cognitive/executive functioning deficits including the inability to stay engaged, concentrating on tasks, or remembering new information. This can result in changes in how an individual reacts and responds in society, for example, being unable to plan ahead, keep track of time, coordinate events or meetings, make informed decisions, or have general confusion with what was once a normal routine.
  • Emotional/psychosocial problems including difficulty managing emotions, anxiety, depression, temper outbursts and irritability. These challenges can result in changes in relationships, social isolation, loss of employment, physical violence and severe depression or suicide.
  • Medical/health challenges presenting months and years after the injury include headaches, seizures, vision impairment, balance issues, progressive dementia, diabetes, endocrine dysfunction, hormone disruption and parkinsonism. These health conditions can present differently within each individual and to be correctly treated, the individual’s brain injury and potential response to each condition needs to be considered and monitored.
  • Community integration challenges related to impaired mobility, safety, problem solving, decision making and social concerns that affect an individual’s overall quality of life. These issues can result in an individual and their caregiver becoming isolated from their communities and struggling with day-to-day tasks.

What is a comprehensive assessment?

The comprehensive assessment will be individualized based on the needs of each individual and his/her family and will involve an interdisciplinary team of On With Life clinicians, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and case managers. Components of the re-evaluation program include:

  • A review of related records and history as necessary
  • A review and discussion with a clinical case manager to provide resources regarding quality of life barriers, funding or caregiver needs
  • A physical and occupational therapy evaluation and interventions to address motor/sensory changes, gait, mobility, activities of daily living, home modifications, and an equipment evaluation
  • A speech therapy evaluation and interventions to address changes in speech, swallowing and cognitive challenges
  • A review of other services as needed including gait/bracing needs and assistive device evaluations

The purpose of the re-evaluation is to address the needed interventions and make functional recommendations for a plan of care and local follow-up, including by collaborating with primary care providers and resources within each individual’s community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this take?
During an assessment, you’ll meet with a physical therapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist. Plan on about two to three hours.

Are these available at both outpatient locations?
Yes, annual tune-ups are available at both our Ankeny and Coralville Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation Clinics.

Does my insurance cover this?
This will be covered like other therapy services. Please contact our office for more information on your specific insurance plan and coverage.

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