Counseling Services
Counseling Services at On With Life
On With Life offers counseling services through our outpatient neuro rehabilitation programs in Ankeny and Coralville. This service is offered to help with adjustment to disability, depression and anxiety as well as provide education to the individual and family. These interventions address emotional, cognitive, behavioral, family, caregiver, adjustment, and pain issues that can accompany the catastrophic injuries/illnesses treated at On With Life. Our staff uses an approach that compliments our transdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation. They are active members of the rehabilitation team and committed to our person-centered care.
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Dr. Dianne Alber has been a psychologist in Iowa for over 35 years. She has consulted in several areas of psychology, including pain management, eating disorders, substance abuse, oncology, transplant and rehabilitation. She enjoys working with individuals, families and groups, and often interacts with psychiatry and other healthcare professionals in order to provide the best continuity of care for those she works with.