Return to Drive Program
The Journey is Better Traveled Together
On With Life is committed to helping you regain as much independence as possible, including evaluation of driving after a brain injury, stroke or other neurological condition. We know that driving independently is a big factor in your quality of life. That’s why our team of experts provides real, on the road evaluations and training in a specially outfitted driver rehabilitation car.

Our driver rehabilitation program plan includes an initial clinical assessment and driving evaluation with a driver rehabilitation specialist to assess the individual's current skills, and address any deficits that may require further training or adaptive equipment. We will evaluate your vision, cognition and motor skills to determine your potential to drive and whether adaptive equipment could make driving safer and easier for you. Our goal is to work with you to identify the best options for safe community mobility.
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About the Driver Rehabilitation Program

To be eligible for On With Life’s Driver Rehabilitation program, the individual must have a valid driver’s license, must have a physician’s order stating the patient is medically, physically and cognitively able to drive and must require only low-tech adaptive equipment in order to drive. On With Life’s Driver Rehabilitation Program is not designed for individuals who need high-tech adaptive equipment, such as voice-activated systems or head-controlled units.

The clinic evaluation requires one to two hours and consists of an evaluation by a therapist to evaluate reaction time, processing speed, vision, attention, judgement and motor skills required for driving. If a person successfully passes the clinical evaluation, he/she participates in the behind the wheel evaluation in On With Life’s evaluation car. The therapist will assess the visual, physical and cognitive skills required for driving. This usually requires about one to two hours.

The recommendations and final results are sent to the referring physician. The physician may contact the DOT if restrictions are recommended or if driving is not recommended at this time. The participant may or may not be re-evaluated in the future. Another step is a referral to On With Life’s outpatient therapy clinic to focus on skills needed to enhance the ability to return to driving. 

The comprehensive driver evaluation cost is not covered by insurance and is available by private pay only. The fee must be paid in full prior to the evaluation. Please call the Ankeny office (515-289-9696) for further information on cost.

The physician will send orders to On With Life for the Driver Rehabilitation program. Upon receipt of completed the Driver Evaluation & Training program enrollment packet, On With Life will reach out to set up an appointment.