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Residential Neuro Rehabilitation

On With Life's Residential Neuro Rehabilitation program is a five-bedroom residential home focused on working with individuals who have sustained a brain injury as they learn strategies to support their return home and to their communities.

The rehabilitation team focuses on promoting the overall health of the person served, community integration, independent living skill-building and managing neurobehavioral challenges.

About Our Program

On With Life has developed a new Residential Neuro Rehabilitation program that allows us to provide individually tailored programs and services to persons served as they transition out of an inpatient rehabilitation setting or as the need for a structured, residential program arises. From ongoing medical care and therapy to neurobehavioral services and supports, On With Life has designed a residential program that combines our philosophy of person-centered, dignity-based care with the brain injury expertise that has formed the foundation of our organization. The brain injury specialists at the new residential home engage persons served in the goal-setting process as they develop personalized rehabilitation programming and support plans. In addition, we encourage persons served to incorporate their interests, passions and pre-injury roles into their rehabilitation programs. We provide continuous support and mentoring on a 24-hour basis at our facility and work on goal-oriented skills with persons served throughout the day. Additionally, residents receive two hours of formal outpatient therapy per week. The goal of the Residential Neuro Rehabilitation setting is to facilitate as successful transition as possible for our persons served as they return to their home communities.

The Home

The new Residential Neuro Rehabilitation program is a 5-bedroom, 4-bath (2 full, 2 half) home located on a one acre lot in the Highland Park neighborhood of Des Moines. Located just north of the Highland Park Christian Church, the newly built home sits on a one-acre lot. The home was custom built with our persons served in mind, including their comfort, dignity and accessibility. All five bedrooms of the home are located on the main level, which also includes a living area, large family room, exercise room, staff office, and a large open kitchen and dining room. 

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Admission Criteria

The individual:

  • Has a brain injury diagnosis and is at least 18 years of age.

  • Demonstrates the potential to benefit from this program in terms of future reduced need for support and increased independence.

  • Is medically stable and breathes independently.

  • Must be able to ambulate or operate a wheelchair independently and able to perform activities of daily living with no more than one-person assistance.

  • Must be exhibiting neurobehavioral symptoms in such frequency or severity that he/she has undergone or is currently undergoing treatment more intensive than outpatient care and is currently hospitalized, institutionalized, incarcerated or homeless or at risk of one of these.

  • Has a history of presenting with neurobehavioral or psychiatric symptoms resulting in at least one episode that required professional supportive care more intensive than outpatient care more than once in a lifetime.

  • Must not demonstrate severe behavioral, mental health or chemical dependency issues which pose a threat to self or others, limit his/her ability to participate in the program or require intensive psychiatric or programmatic intervention.

  • Must have a funding source for the program.

Click here to see a full list of admission criteria.