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Post-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation
Admit: March 25, 2002
Discharge: May 1, 2002

In an instant, Russ Teig's life changed. The state legislator suffered a rare brain stem stroke on February 18, 2002. He beat the odds to survive the stroke and after six weeks of intensive care at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, he transferred to On With Life to begin his rehabilitation journey.

Looking back, Russ says the way On With Life made a commitment to ensuring he maintained his connections with friends and family was crucial as he embarked on his long rehab journey.

"It was integral to my healing," says Russ, who lives in Jewell. "I needed those connections with the people who cared about me." 

The stroke left Russ virtually paralyzed, but his cognitive function was only mildly impacted. 

"It was scary," he says. "I was thrust into something I couldn't even imagine in the blink of an eye. I'm thankful for the therapists and staff for all they did for me. I could barely move when I first got to On With Life, but they didn't quit on me."

Today, Russ is regularly on the move. While some tasks can still be difficult for him - like tying his shoes or walking up the stairs, they do little to slow him. Especially when his friends come calling. Two buddies from his legislative days, Jeff Lamberti and Richard Arnold, still hunt and fish with Russ on a regular basis. 

"The three of us have been all over the country hunting and fishing," Russ says. "I have to give those two a lot of credit. They have patiently helped me continue to pursue my passions."