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Sean Jenkins

For Sean Jenkins, leaving his job at age 45 was not part of his plan. But due to the increasing symptoms of Parkinson's disease, Sean couldn't keep up with the demands of his job as an IT professional. Sean didn't know where to turn when his neurologist referred him to the LSVT BIG and LOUD program, a specialized, effective treatment program for those living with Parkinson's Disease. After just four weeks of physical, occupational and speech therapy at On With Life, Sean knew On With Life was a special place. 

"I had an amazing experience during therapy. I saw incredible improvements in myself in a short amount of time," said Sean. "Each staff member was passionate about helping each person served meet and exceed their goals. I felt this on my first day of the LSVT program, and I feel it even stronger today." 

Two years later, Sean is still a part of the On With Life family. He participates in the LSVT boxing program and support group, and twice a week, he volunteers as a transporter for the post-acute program, ensuring persons served get to their therapy sessions on time. An added benefit of volunteering is interacting with the staff who made such an impact on his life. 

"The staff is amazing and continue to encourage me as I'm transporting a person served down the hallway," said Sean. "They show they truly care about me, and I'm so grateful for that." 

Sean's journey hasn't been easy. But he's quick to point out the blessings he's gained because of it - lifelong friendships and the discovery of organizations like the American Parkinson's Disease Association and On With Life that are changing lives for this community. 

"The culture at On With Life is so strong and positive that every time I arrive I am excited to do anything I can do to help," said Sean. "On With Life is a great asset for the state of Iowa and I want to be a part of supporting it in any way I can." 

For more information on On With Life's LSVT program, visit our LSVT page or call 515-289-9696.