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Hope Restored

The complex concussion clinic was funded in part by the Telligen Community Initiative to initiate and support, through research and programs, innovation and farsighted health-related projects aimed at improving the health, social well-being and educational attainment of society, where such needs are expressed. Together, a comprehensive concussion clinic was formed and is changing lives.

Stephanie Filer has always lived an active lifestyle. She ran three miles every day, worked hard at her job, and enjoyed reading, riding her bike, and going out with friends in her spare time. When Stephanie sustained a concussion in a car accident, it initially seemed like an injury she would quickly recover from. But six weeks after her accident, activities that were once so simple still brought her painful headaches and excessive fatigue. She was referred to and began therapy at On With Life and within a week, she began to see improvements. 

"On With Life's Complex Concussion Clinic helped rewire my brain to work again, and the coping mechanisms they gave me helped me navigate my altered life in the meantime," she said. "The therapists customized my treatment to meet my goals and challenged me in ways I never thought possible." 

On With Life's Complex Concussion Clinic, made possible by a grant from Telligen, addresses comprehensive concussion care through seven domains developed by On With Life staff based on research and evidence-based practices. All individuals are screened through the seven domains - vision, vestibular, cervicogenic, psychosocial, cognitive,  autonomic and migraine - and areas of need are targeted by the On With Life's transdisciplinary team of experts. 

"The seven domains are a comprehensive and holistic approach to treating concussion," said Emily Summerfield, occupational therapist at On With Life. "It allows us to look at the whole person in order to work toward the individual's specific goals. The overarching goal is to manage symptoms in order to return to work, school and the community." 

Just eleven months after her injury, Stephanie is now back to doing the things she loves. She's running daily, excelling now more than ever at work, and even took a trip to Vegas, which was "the biggest test of my sensory issues," she noted. 

"Being referred to On With Life was the luckiest break I have gotten in this journey. Without them, my quality of life would be 10 percent of what it now is," Stephanie said. "On With Life restored my hope on day one, and they literally saved my life." 

To learn more about On With Life's Complex Concussion Clinic, visit or call 515-289- 9696.