Brain Injury Rehabilitation Specialists
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Sybil Finken

When Sybil Finken was asked to serve on the On With Life, Ltd. Board of Directors, she knew it would be a good fit because of her unique perspective and first-hand experience with brain injury. Her son, Seth, suffered profound brain damage as a result of meningitis when he was seven months old and has lived at the Glenwood Resource Center since 1984. Sybil assisted Dr. Marv Tooman in opening On With Life's Long-Term Program for Youth and Younger Adults on the Glenwood Resource Center campus in 1996 and has passionately served on their board of directors for nine years. 

What does it mean to you to serve on the On With Life, Ltd. Board of Directors?
I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the board and work side by side with the other members. Each brings something unique to the board, and, although the members are experts in their fields, they are more than willing to learn something new. I feel passionate about making a difference for those with a brain injury, like my son. 

What are your goals for On With Life? 

I would like to see the Long-Term program become more involved with music therapy. The research that has been done about the effect music has on people with special needs is remarkable. Also, as a retired music teacher, I would like to volunteer my time to work with the music therapy department in Ankeny to bring this opportunity to the persons served in Glenwood. 

What makes On With Life so special? 

The fact that many larger programs across the country are using On With Life as a resource is evidence that we are unique. The administration and staff are exceptional in their knowledge, professionalism and dedication.