Brain Injury Rehabilitation Specialists
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Therapy Program

When core therapy services (physical, occupational, and speech) are combined with ancillary services (therapeutic recreation, music therapy, peer mentoring, and clinical counseling), persons served generally receive 3-5 hours of therapy per day. Full therapy staffing is available Monday through Friday, with partial staffing available on Saturdays. Therapeutic recreation programming is available 7 days per week. This intense therapy program includes the following disciplines:

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy team works to enhance functional mobility. Because persons with brain injury are often unable to move all or parts of their bodies, physical therapy targets enhancement of movements and compensatory methods of moving. The inability to perform functional mobility skills - such as bed mobility, transfers, wheelchair mobility, and walking - is often an effect of a brain injury. On With Life's physical therapy programs are designed to help regain strength, endurance, and balance for functional mobility tasks.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy team works to enhance life skills that are affected by brain injury. The environment and items used in daily living are modified and compensatory strategies are targeted to allow an individual with a brain injury to function at his/her highest level. Our therapists also evaluate and address visual skills, movement throughout the upper body, and cognitive skills in order to enhance performance of daily living activities, which are frequently impacted by a brain injury.

Speech Language Pathology

Our Speech Language Pathology team works to enhance cognitive abilities, executive functioning, receptive and expressive language skills, and motor control. Because persons who have acquired a brain injury often are unable to communicate via traditional means, our Speech-Language Pathologists also evaluate and implement alternative means of communication. Deficits in swallowing are often an additional complication of a brain injury, and Speech-Language Pathologists work with individuals to help them safely consume food in the most natural way.

Therapeutic Recreation

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists design interventions to help persons with brain injury develop and express healthy leisure lifestyles. Our interventions and services are developed to assist individuals in eliminating barriers to their leisure activities. Therapists rely heavily on community reintegration activities to make the rehabilitation experience meaningful, fun, and functional.

Music Therapy

On With Life's Board Certified Music Therapist promotes cognitive, social, emotional, and physical well-being through participation in music activities. Because musical interests are unique, therapy is designed around specific interests. Persons living with a brain injury can benefit from music as a modality to promote vocalization, rhythmic movements, orientation, relaxation, self-expression, and as a way to enhance overall self-esteem.

Therapy Support Services

Read more about peer mentoring, medical nutrition therapy, spiritual support services and other services provided to persons served under our Support Services page.