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Tom Friedman

In the early days of On With Life, the Board of Directors needed more financial expertise, and Tom Friedman, now president of First National Bank in Ankeny, fit the bill. Now 22 years later, Tom continues to serve on the Board of Directors for On With Life, Inc. and the On With Life Foundation, inspired by its mission and dedicated to making On With Life's one-of-a-kind rehabilitation program world class.

What does it mean to you to be on the On With Life Board of Directors?

I've served on dozens of committees and boards, and the amount of talent and intelligence in an On With Life board meeting amazes me. I'm still humbled that I'm a part of an organization like On With Life alongside some of the most remarkable, innovative people in Central Iowa. The decisions we make have an effect on every single person who enters through the doors, so I continually ask myself how the important decisions we make will impact the persons served, families and staff.

What drew you to support the On With Life mission, and what inspires you to continue doing so?
My parents taught me early on to give back to the community where I live and to support the mission and values of On With Life is a true honor. On With Life is a place where miracles happen and for me to have even a small part in that is very special. Hearing the stories of how On With Life saves lives and seeing the graduations on Facebook keep me coming back and wanting to give even more.

What makes On With Life unique?
On With Life provides a high-quality service that is unrivaled by any other provider in my opinion. On With Life treats each person served as the unique individual that they are, taking time to understand what inspires and encourages them. Each staff member at On With Life is committed to helping individuals get on with their lives, and as a result, On With Life is changing lives for the better.