Brain Injury Rehabilitation Specialists
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Person Served Room and Bathroom

All of the rooms at On With Life are private, with either a private or shared bathroom. You are encouraged to bring anything from home to make the room your own.


Therapy Gyms

The therapy gyms are filled with specialized equipment for physical and occupational therapy, including a full kitchen, multi-level stairs and a therapy car used to help persons serve and families re-learn how to transfer in and out of a vehicle.


Speech Therapy Rooms

Four speech classrooms allow for individual, quiet speech therapy sessions.


Aquatic Therapy Pool and Locker Rooms

An underwater variable speed treadmill and varying water depths of our new 12' x 20' warm water pool allow movements to be completed much more easily and efficiently than on land. Connecting locker rooms allow for easy changing and showering.


Dining Room and Cafe

While at On With Life, enjoy made-to-order breakfast. Lunch and dinner include a main entree, soup and salad. A full a la carte menu is always available.



On With Life has a beautiful chapel, available for use by any person served or family. A non-denominational chapel service is held weekly by On With Life's chaplain, Rev. Jerry Sawyer.


Our Campus

The On With Life Ankeny campus sits on 20 acres of land on the south side of town and was the starting point of On With Life when we opened in 1991. The programs based here include Post-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation, Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation, Neuropsychological Services and the Apartments of OWL Creek (Independent Living).


Nurses Station

Our nurses station sits in the middle of the person served rooms and is a popular place for persons served to gather together.


Wellness Gym

On With Life's Wellness Gym is used for group therapy sessions, graduation parties and educational sessions.


Sensory Gym

Our Disorders of Consciousness (DOC) program addresses the unique needs of adolescents and adults with severe brain injury who present with low levels of consciousness. We created a calming environment in our Sensory Gym with soundproof walls, dimmed lights and specialized equipment.


Practice Apartment

Our practice apartment boasts a full kitchen, living and bath area.


Walking Track

Our 100-foot ceiling mounted walking gait track allows the weight to be lifted off the individual so the person served and therapist can focus on gait and balance.


North Gym

The North Gym is a space for therapy sessions and for persons served and families to relax together. The room also has a large projection screen where persons served and families often gather for events like the Super Bowl or March Madness.



Our beautiful lobby is welcoming to our persons served, families and guests. Families and guests are welcome to use the main entrance during the day and the nursing entrance at night.


Outpatient Gym

Our Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation program offers physical, occupational and speech therapies in our bright outpatient gym.


Family House

Our Family Guest House is a comfortable home environment available for overnight stays for family members of persons served as they support their loved one during the rehabilitation process. The five-bedroom, 3.5 bath house is located right next door to the inpatient facility.


Family Room

We understand that when a loved one sustains a brain injury, it affects the whole family. We encourage and support active participation by families in their loved one's rehabilitation process as it results in a higher likelihood that individuals will reach their rehabilitation goals. We have a family room in our nursing wing that allows families to spend time together watching movies or playing games.


Vision/Vestibular Lab

On With Life has a vision and vestibular lab with vestibular assessment goggles, a Biodex balance system and Dynavision to help persons served achieve the safest balance possible after a brain injury.



Special color-coded signage with both words and specially-designed pictures around the building will help you navigate On With Life.


Therapeutic Grounds

On With Life is transforming 1.5 acres of green space in to a multi-faceted outdoor ADA-accessible therapeutic grounds that will provide sensory stimulation experiences, therapeutic challenges and respite for those On With Life serves and their families.