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Walnut Creek Church

Instead of celebrating a long three-day weekend with a party, a group from Walnut Creek Church in Des Moines has spent the last five years giving up their Memorial Day weekend to volunteer at On With Life. It's part of their Mission to the City program, where members of the church set aside their busy schedules for a week and serving Greater Des Moines with thousands of hours of community service.

"Mission to the City is a concentrated effort to serve our community through many different facets. We aim to introduce our people to all the different needs of the community around us with a hope to cultivate a heart to serve and bless," said Shaly Moyal, Administrator and Conference and Events Coordinator at Walnut Creek Church. "We chose On With Life because Alison Whitaker, a speech language pathologist at On With Life, suggested it. We aim to serve in places where our people are already connected, getting to love those with whom they interact." 

Mission to the City has been instrumental in helping with various landscaping and exterior projects at On With Life. 

"The group has watched On With  Life grow and expand over the past five years in the same way we've watched their group grow and expand with marriages and children," said On With Life's environmental planner, Cindy Friedrichsen. "They are an amazing group doing amazing things in their community." 

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