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Dahl Trustee Paul Tyler

W.T. and Edna M. Dahl Trust

W.T. and Edna M. Dahl made a commitment years ago to be benefactors in support of nonprofit projects in Central Iowa, and On With Life is grateful to be included as a beneficiary today. The W.T. and Edna M. Dahl Trust generously donated $100,000 to construct an amphitheater as part of On With Life's developing therapeutic grounds project.

The accessible amphitheater area will be a spot where survivors and families can enjoy several outdoor activities. It will offer therapists the ability to conduct group therapy sessions; it will host educational seminars, family gatherings and special events; it will be an area for therapeutic basketball, tennis and kickball activities with a moveable basketball hoop and rebound wall. 

Trustees Jerry Jones and Paul Tyler had been familiar with On With Life prior to the grant request and believe the Dahls would be supportive of the project. 

"We think the outdoor therapy project is a needed service, and we are pleased to be able to lend our support," said Paul. "We are certain that Edna and W.T. would be proud to be a part of the On With Life endeavors." 

Although the Dahl Trust has been in existence since 1987, it was initially a charitable remainder trust and did not become a private foundation until Edna's death in 2007. Since first awarding charitable grants in 2008, it has funded approximately 150 grants totaling about $8.7 million in the aggregate. Funding has included a wide range of projects in the Greater Des Moines area including numerous capital improvements and program funding, as well as grants to elementary and secondary schools for a variety of needs and to numerous providers of food, mental healthcare and shelter.