They said I’d never play golf again.
I said, “Watch me.”

By families, for families

Chase suffered a massive stroke at the age of 12 and was admitted into our post-acute inpatient rehabilitation. His story showcases one of On With Life’s core values – the importance of family. Chase’s parents and younger brothers were an active part of his therapy – from having camp-outs to playing games – all as part of his therapy.

Our founders ingrained the importance of family engagement; together, more is possible.

  • 10% %
    Average Functional Independence Measure (FIM) Score Change from Inpatient Admission to Discharge
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    One of only two skilled inpatient rehabilitation programs in the world ACCREDITED BY CARF as a CIIRP in brain injury & stroke for adults & children.
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    Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS) on staff
  • 10% %
    Outpatient long-term goals met
  • 10% %

    Average Functional Independence Measure (FIM) score change from inpatient admission to discharge

    Our persons served see an average of 65 percent increase on their FIM score. This measure is another test towards returning to independence.