Complex Concussion Program
Our transdisciplinary team of clinicians specializes in treating concussions with evidence-based approaches that will get you on the fastest road to recovery. The treatment at the outpatient concussion clinic relies on scientifically-proven research designed to focus on your unique injury.
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    Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS) on staff -- employing 25% of all certified brain injury specialists in the state of Iowa

    On With Life's team of experts is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best rehabilitation. Our staff receives extra training and education on neuro rehabilitation and 76 are certified brain injury specialists.

Comprehensive Concussion Care

A concussion, which is also known as mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), is often caused by a sudden jolt, blow, or bump to the head or neck that may produce symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, light and noise sensitivity, memory challenges, irritability and sleeplessness. Concussion symptoms typically resolve within two to four weeks. At On With Life, we see individuals at all levels of recovery – those suffering from an initial acute concussion and those whose symptoms have continued past the normal two to four week recovery period.

On With Life’s Complex Concussion Clinic assesses each individual’s symptoms and needs within our uniquely developed seven domains of care. Those involved in the assessment and ongoing treatment could include physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, vestibular and balance specialists, neuropsychologists, psychologists, counselors, neuro-ophthalmologists, vocational specialists and external physicians/specialists. Based on the individual needs, we will tailor each treatment plan and involve the right team members to maximize function and improved outcomes. 

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5 in 50: Concussion
  • Concussion Clinic
  • Concussion Clinic - Cognition
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    5 in 50: Concussion
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    Concussion Clinic
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    Concussion Clinic - Cognition
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    Concussion Clinic - Headaches
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    Concussion Clinic - Vestibular
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Concussion Program Patient Testimonial
“On With Life’s Complex Concussion Clinic helped rewire my brain to work again, and the coping mechanisms they gave me helped me navigate my altered life in the meantime. The therapists customized my treatment to meet my goals and challenged me in ways I never thought possible. “Being referred to On With Life was the luckiest break I have gotten in this journey. Without them, my quality of life would be 10 percent of what it now is. On With Life restored my hope on day one, and they literally saved my life.” – Stephanie, Person Served

Complex Concussion Treatment

Benefits of the Complex Concussion Clinic Approach

Collaboration between all members of the rehabilitation team allow for cross-functional strategies and taking a holistic approach with each individual. The On With Life concussion team will work with the referring providers to ensure coordination and ongoing needs. Results and treatment recommendations will be provided to ensure continuity of care.

  • Expert Staff Provide Individualized Treatment: The transdisciplinary team includes rehabilitation therapists (physical, occupational and speech), care planners and psychological/neuropsychological service providers as appropriate needed.
  • Dedicated Care Coordinator: A care manager is available to provide support and education, help navigate through follow-up care and ensure continuity of care for persons served and caregivers.
  • Evidence-based Approach to Treatment: The Outpatient Concussion Clinic relies on current applied research aimed at identifying factors that enhance treatment and clinical outcomes after a concussion or head injury.
Our Expertise: Meet Jillian
Jillian Jones, outpatient physical therapist, serves on the Brain Injury of America’s Academy for Brain Injury Specialists concussion team. #Experts

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