Long-Term Skilled Care
Lead with the heart.
Our Long-Term Skilled Care program is a 32-bed skilled nursing program for those who have experienced a brain injury, including traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumor, aneurysm or anoxia, or other neurological disorder. Our specialization in brain injury makes us unique when compared to other long-term programs. The medical, therapeutic, psychosocial, recreational and spiritual needs of each person served are our only focus.

Program Update

On With Life’s long-term program has resided on the Glenwood Resource Center campus since its beginning in 1993. It’s an important part of our continuum of services, and one that we are committed to providing. In April 2022, the state announced its decision to close the Glenwood Resource Center, which directly impacts the persons served, staff and families of our long-term program. This impacts On With Life due to us leasing space from the state of Iowa on the Glenwood Resource Center Campus for our long-term program. Therefore, we had to work very closely with On With Life’s board of directors and the State of Iowa to research and evaluate all possible options to find a solution that best supports the needs of those we serve and their families.

After evaluating all options, the decision was made to relocate the long-term program to a recently-made available facility in Polk City. The new location will allow for On With Life, in conjunction with staff and families, to create the right environment for those we serve. As we work through the design process, On With Life anticipates this new facility will have 35-40 new beds, and we will be working with the State of Iowa through the certificate of need process. On With Life expects to relocate and open this new facility in early 2024.

On With Life will continue providing the same excellent quality of care to those individuals we are privileged to serve, and we will continue to hire new staff and admit persons served as we are able.

If you have questions or would like more information, please email info@onwithlife.org or call 515-289-9600.

Long-Term Therapy Program

  • Physical Therapy – Our Physical therapy program is designed to help regain and maintain strength, endurance and balance for functional mobility tasks.
  • Occupational Therapy – Our occupational therapy program focuses on visual skills, upper body function and movement, the enhancement of daily living activities, and the identification of adaptive rehabilitation equipment.
  • Speech Language Pathology – Our Speech Therapy program targets enhancing cognitive abilities, addressing swallowing deficits and developing alternative means of communication.
  • Therapeutic Recreation – Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists and staff assist persons served to regain functional recreation and social skills through a wide variety of modalities. Persons served have the opportunity to explore new leisure experiences through cognitive-based groups, community integration outings, leisure education and special events. Volunteers help to further enhance quality of life by offering companionship and specialized services in spirituality, horticulture and pet therapy, to name a few.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy – Our Registered Dietitian assesses the nutritional needs of each person served to maintain safe swallowing, address medical needs, and maximize nutritional status.
What is Long-Term Care?
Certain brain injuries, including those that result in a coma/disorders of consciousness state, require much more time to treat, but that doesn't mean that hope should fade. Long-term skilled care is the best option for persons with brain injury who are medically stable, but require intensive nursing, therapy and medical supports that may not be available in other settings.
Long-Term Program Testimonial- Laurie
"We knew right away this was the right place for Laurie. The activities, therapies and interactions with the staff and persons served are really good for her and she really enjoys them," said Stacy Brown, Laurie's sister. "The staff know what is important to Laurie and they go out of their way to make her happy."

"I can't be here all the time, but she has her own family here. On With Life truly is her family and our family," said Stacy. "She really loves it here, and it gives us peace of mind that Laurie is happy. We can go home happy because she is cared for so well here." 
A Garden for the Senses
OWL's Nest
Our Long-Term program in Glenwood, Iowa is home to a unique, one-of-a-kind sensory stimulation garden for persons served and families. A once weed-filled outdoor space, is now an area of healing and relaxation for persons served and families. With an accessible outdoor space to spend their leisure time, staff are able to assist brain injury survivors in their rehabilitation by promoting physical, mental and social development. With the help of employees and volunteers, the OWL's Nest now serves as a beautiful and functional space for all to use.
What we offer.
On With Life's Long-Term program has created a caring, therapeutic environment where each individual receives ongoing opportunities for improvement. A one-of-a-kind sensory stimulation gym and access to the Glenwood Resource Center therapy pool make this a truly unique therapeutic environment.

Who do we serve?

The persons we serve in our program include those that:

  • Have experienced a brain injury or other catastrophic injury or disease
  • Require skilled nursing services
  • Breathe independently, without medical assistance
  • Are medically stable and do not require daily doctor visits or ongoing hospitalization
  • Do not demonstrate a severe behavioral or personality disorder that pose a threat to self or others, or requires intensive psychiatric intervention
  • Have a means of payment for service
  • Refer or call 712-525-1294 for more information
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