We know it may never be the same. That’s why we do things differently.

As brain injury rehabilitation specialists, we are relentless in our pursuit to provide the best care for you and your loved one. It starts with understanding your unique condition and circumstances and then developing a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

On With Life was built by families for families. In the 1980s, a group of concerned Iowans, whose lives were impacted by brain injuries, worked tirelessly with government entities to establish a high-quality rehabilitation clinic that focused on outcomes rather than profits. Since then, it has grown to be a world-renowned rehabilitation facility that is the place where survivors and their families turn to for brain injury rehabilitation.

Few Can Do What We Do.

  • 50% %

    “Courteousness of staff” was rated 100% in both inpatient and outpatient programs

  • 10% %

    Average Functional Independence Measure (FIM) score change from inpatient admission to discharge

    Our persons served see an average of 53 percent increase on their FIM score. This measure is another test towards returning to independence.
  • 30

    Average length of stay

    Average length of stay in the Post-Acute Inpatient Neuro Rehabilitation Traditional program is 61 days. Average length of stay for persons served in the Disorders of Consciousness program is 121 days.

We’re Brainiacs.

Our staff are known in Iowa and throughout the Midwest as the experts in brain injury, stroke and neuro rehabilitation. Our person-served approach to rehabilitation combines our clinical expertise with the goals of the persons served and their families. Technology, like our aquatic therapy pool, Dynavision, 1.5-acre therapy grounds, Biodex Balance System, walking gait track system, and FES bike, enhance the therapy provided. Our expertise, combined with the environment and technology available to our team, has created a world-class program that is one of only a handful of non-hospital based inpatient brain injury rehabilitation programs in the world with a hospital-level CARF accreditation for intensive brain injury rehabilitation for children and adults. 

Selecting a rehabilitation program is a very important decision. Receiving the right intensity of rehabilitation, at the right time, by the right specialists can make all the difference in how much function you will regain, whether you will be able to return home and how you adjust to your new journey. Our staff are experts in eliciting effort and engagement from our persons served with individualized therapy plans that address their needs while appealing to their vocational and leisure interests.

View our extensive and challenging quality outcome measures for each of our programs.

Program Outcomes

We Believe In Brain Cell-ebration.
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