On[e] With Life Week
Introducing On[e] With Life!
In August 2023, On With Life introduced On[e] With Life Week,
a week-long celebration of persons served, staff, supporters/donors and community members, focusing on how we are all "ONE" organization serving "ONE" mission.

Thank you to all who participated in the first On[e] With Life Week by either making a donation, signing up to volunteer, or sharing your love with us. We can't wait to celebrate with you all again next year - stay tuned for details!

On[e] With Life Week FAQ

What is On[e] With Life week?

On[e] With Life is a week-long event that celebrates On With Life, it’s team members, families and supporters. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and share about all of On With Life’s programs.

We recognize that there has been a lot of growth in our organization over the last few years – addition of programs, campuses, buildings – that we’ve gotten through with support from each other and our community. This is our opportunity to celebrate all that On With Life is and does, and recognize the amazing impact it has on others.

When will On[e] With Life week be held?

This year, it will be held August 5-12, starting on the reunion and ending on On With Life’s birthday.

Is this a one-time event?

This is the inaugural On[e] With Life week; we hope it will become an annual celebration.

What’s the goal of On[e] With Life week?

The goal is to encapsulate three main areas: give, serve and love.

Who’s the audience of On[e] With Life week?

Past and present employees, past and present persons served and families, community members, volunteers, donors

What’s the meaning behind the name, On[e] With Life?

We want to show that while we are widespread with campuses, buildings and programs, On With Life is the same in all of the places. We are one entity, one organization with one goal – helping persons served get On With Life!