In-Kind Donations
Thank you for your support!
If you have a piece of medical equipment, therapy tool or other item that you would like to donate to On With Life, we would love to hear from you! We collect a variety of items (see list below) in support of all of On With Life's programs. Please contact our team at to schedule a time for item drop off.

Commonly Needed Items

  • Standard wheelchairs
  • Four-wheeled walkers
  • Two-wheeled walkers
  • Large base quad canes
  • Small base quad canes
  • Shower chairs
  • Shower benches
  • Bedside commodes
  • Electric hoyer lifts
  • Electric standing lifts
  • Treking poles
  • Toilet riser base
  • Wall-mounted drop down grab bars

*Indicates immediate need of item

We are so appreciative of all of the items that are donated to On With Life, and we sometimes end up with equipment we do not have a need for. We would love to donate these items to those who need them; click here to view items that are currently available.